CEO Greeting

The name "BODAM" is a a pure Korean word which means living a better life.
It's been more than a decade since I've worked in BODAM, and always kept the meaning in mind.

Hope to provide a BODAM to everyone we go together.
The space you can empathize with,
the space you can stay longer and take a rest,
the space which can refresh and recharge you,
BODAM will present these spaces to you with our deep sincerity.

Thank you.
CEO Jin-Hyun Kim


Bodam design was established in 2011 and now is a professional office interior design company.

Providing interior service for the whole office environment, We create a client's office environment by forming a team for each stage of the process as it follows.
Research → Planning (scope and budget) → Design and Quotation → Construction → After sales service.

Based on honesty, confidence and ability, the young and ambitious
CEO ↔ project manager ↔ designer ↔ construction technician will cooperate to build a partnership that develops and grows with customers.

We are creating a meaningful space as a partner for global companies such as
Lotte, SK, KYOWON, KT, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Hana Finance, Nonghyup, Kakao Bank, K Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, OK Savings Bank, Yuanta Securities, Hanwha Life Insurance, Seoul Guarantee Insurance, Samsung Life Insurance, KB Life Insurance, LINA Life Insurance, YES24, Metanet MCC, Bullsone, Yuhan Kimberley, and Emirates.


Design Studio

Design Part 1.2.3
3D Modeling Part
Engineering Part 1.2.3

Engineering Department

Engineering Part 1.2.3
Affairs Team
Estimates Team
A/S Management Team

Marketing / Management Planning

Marketing Team
Sales Team
Strategic Planning Team

HR / Admin / Finance

Management Support Team


Inspiring Creative Space


Comfortable and convenient space


Space to create brand value